OnStar Data Collection

OnStar Data Collection Practices Draw Fire from US Legislators

Three US senators have voiced concerns over OnStar's announcement that it would continue to collect location data from car owners even after they had cancelled the OnStar service. Senators Al Franken (D-Minnesota) and Chris Coons (D-Delaware) have said that "violate[s] basic principles of privacy and fairness." And Senator Charles Schumer (D-New York) has written a letter to the Federal Trade Commission asking for an investigation into the matter. OnStar made the announcement earlier this month in an email to subscribers. The company said it is reserving the right to sell the data, anonymized, to third parties. The legislators are skeptical about OnStar's claim that the data will be anonymized, because there is a "broad body of research showing that it is extraordinarily difficult to successfully anonymize personal data like location."

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Clipped from SANS NewsBites Vol 13 Number 77