Fines and Fee Schedule

Overdue Fines
     Books / Magazines                          $.05 per item per day
     Videos / DVDs                                 $.50 per item per day
     Audio Books / Playaways                $.50 per item per day
     Music CDs                                        $.50 per item per day
     Kits                                                  $.50 per day

Photocopies                                         $.15/page
(Black and white copies only)
Printing from our public computers      $.15/page 
(Black and white printing only)
Earbuds - Playaways / Computer        $1.50
Interlibrary Loan Fee for a Book          $1.50
Library Card Replacement Fee            $2.00
Barcode Replacement                         $.50
Book Cover Replacement                    $2.00
Case Replacement – Audiobook          $5.00
Case Replacement – DVD or Video      $2.00
CD Replacement – Audiobook              $10.00 per CD
Fines and fees are not charged for normal wear and tear.