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DNSChanger Malware - 9 July Deadline

On 9 July 2012 the FBI will turn off DSN servers that it has been running since seizing them from cyber criminals. In order to stop millions of people from immediately losing Internet connectivity, the FBI replaced the infected servers with clean servers and continued to operate them. They did this to give people time to clean their infected computers. If your computer is infected with the malware on 9 July you will not be able to connect to the Internet.

Facebook Malware

Security experts are warning of a new type of malware directed at Facebook users. The malware is written using legitimate software framework - Crossfire, primarily used to create cross-browser extensions.

From ComputerWorld: "Malware writers have used Crossrider, a cross-browser extension development framework, to build a click-fraud worm that spreads on Facebook, security researchers from antivirus firm Kaspersky Lab said on Monday.

Fordland Deposit Collection - Spring Break

The Fordland High School which houses our Fordland Deposit Collection in their library will be closed for Spring Break on March 15th and 16th; and April 5th and 6th.  Since the High School will be closed, our Deposit Collection will also be closed on March 15th and April 5th.


We have increased  the price of earbuds from $1 to $1.50. This price reflects the price increases we have incurred in purchasing them.

Fact Monster - Great for Homework Help

Take a look at from Information Please for an easy to use basic reference site.  The site has an almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia and atlas plus fun games to enhance the learning experience. 

Geocaching Website

Visit and learn about Geocaching.  A fun hobby for the entire family that provides adventure on a budget.  Start planning now for adventures this spring and summer.

5 Free Software Programs

 Five Free Software Programs Everyone Should Have, by John C Dvorak.

Why pay when you can get some really great software programs for free? Need a great media player, office suite, or graphics program? Check out John C. Dvorak's column at

Halloween Gift

 Our gorgeous flower arrangement sent to us in memory of our first librarian, Miss Ella Dickey. We receive them every year for her favorite holiday. She would have loved the library story time full of adorable costumed children. Go to our Facebook page by clicking here to see it. You do not have to be a Facebook member to check us out.


Beginning Knitting Classes

Sign up now for Beginning Knitting Classes. Classes start Nov 9, 10-12am and continue to Nov 16, Nov 30 and Dec 7. This is our 3rd time offering the classes and they always fill. Sally is a great instructor. Class is free. Call 468-3335 to sign up and get your supply list.

You can always check our events calendar to see what is happening at your local library.

IE posts big drop

 Snipped from ComputerWorld article:

Computerworld - Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) last month lost the largest amount of usage share in three years, a Web metrics firm said today.

The slide of IE, which dropped 1.8 percentage points to 52.6% during October, came on the heels of a fall of nine-tenths of a point in September. Only IE's November 2008 plummet of more than 2 points was larger, according to data from Net Applications.

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