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ILL Service Changes

Patrons, please note that you have access to over 1.3 million items through our Missouri Evergreen Consortium. When browsing our library catalog you can change your settings to search all of Missouri Evergreen instead of just the Webster County Library. For screenshots to show you the setting change, please click here.

For items not available through Missouri Evergreen:

Bad Weather and Overdue Items

Do not worry about overdue items during the bad weather and road conditions. We are backdating so that you will not be fined for not venturing out on slick roads and parking lots.

Bestsellers Coming Soon to Your Library

Our “Books on Order” list is normally posted on our bulletin board in the Library. We are now also posting it to our website. To find it go to our website, then click on the “Find a Book” link on the left side, then click on the “Bestsellers Coming Soon to Our Library” link. This link will have an update file after we place our monthly order.

eBook and eReader Info

eBooks are here and we are going to try and answer some of your questions below. As we learn and discover new information we will post it here on our blog. Expect an eAudiobook post tomorrow or Friday.

eBooks in General

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