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Jon Krakauer’s ‘Missoula,’ About Rape in a College Town

New York Times Book Reviews - Tue, 04/28/2015 - 04:30
Jon Krakauer describes cases of acquaintance rape at the University of Montana.

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Exclusive: Sharon Shinn and Molly Ostertag team for graphic novel

USAToday Books - Mon, 04/27/2015 - 23:18

HEA announces that Sharon Shinn and Molly Ostertag are working on a graphic novel.

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'Overruled' narrators interview author Emma Chase

USAToday Books - Mon, 04/27/2015 - 23:12

HEA hosts audiobook narrators Charlotte Penfield and Jason Carpenter asking author Emma Chase about her latest romance and their latest project, Overruled.

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ArtsBeat: A New Anthology Will Pay Tribute to ‘Peanuts’ and Charles Schulz

New York Times Book Reviews - Mon, 04/27/2015 - 13:59
A 112-page hardcover by a team of contributors will include new comic strips and short stories, pinups and recollections of the influence of Snoopy and of Schulz.

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Kiera Cass interview, rec of Amanda Hocking's 'Ice Kissed'

USAToday Books - Mon, 04/27/2015 - 11:43

HEA contributor Michelle Monkou chats with Kiera Cass about her Selection series and her latest, The Heir.

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Eileen Rendahl on 'Madam Secretary': Why it's important to own more than one scarf

USAToday Books - Mon, 04/27/2015 - 11:43

HEA contributor Eileen Rendahl reacts to last night's Madam Secretary.

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ArtsBeat: Book Review Podcast: ‘One of Us’

New York Times Book Reviews - Mon, 04/27/2015 - 09:40
Eric Schlosser discusses Asne Seierstad’s “One of Us,” and Meghan O’Rourke talks about Elizabeth Alexander’s “The Light of the World.”

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‘The Life of Saul Bellow: To Fame and Fortune, 1915-1964,’ by Zachary Leader

New York Times Book Reviews - Mon, 04/27/2015 - 04:30
The first volume of Zachary Leader’s biography of Saul Bellow ends in 1964, with the publication of “Herzog.”
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‘There Is Simply Too Much to Think About,’ Saul Bellow’s Nonfiction

New York Times Book Reviews - Mon, 04/27/2015 - 04:30
Martin Amis reviews a new collection of Saul Bellow’s nonfiction, including criticism, interviews and speeches.
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Fave wedding romances: 'Breaking Dawn,' 'Sound of Music,' 'Steel Magnolias'

USAToday Books - Sun, 04/26/2015 - 23:06

Authors Lynne Graham, Jennifer Hayward and Kat Cantrell share three of their favorite romance novels/movies that feature weddings.

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Novel offers explosive look at L.A. riots

USAToday Books - Sun, 04/26/2015 - 13:02

The Rodney King verdict of 1992 sets Ryan Gattis' 'All Involved' in motion.

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Books: New and noteworthy

USAToday Books - Sun, 04/26/2015 - 08:22

A woman president stars in Nicolle Wallace's new novel.

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"Underwater Babies" get along swimmingly

USAToday Books - Sun, 04/26/2015 - 08:20

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‘Infamy’ and ‘The Train to Crystal City’

New York Times Book Reviews - Sun, 04/26/2015 - 07:22
Two books about the internment of Japanese- (and sometimes German-) Americans during World War II.

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'The Real Doctor' is a real delight

USAToday Books - Sat, 04/25/2015 - 13:02

Matt McCarthy hits a home run with his followup to baseball memoir 'Odd Man Out.'

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Weekend picks for book lovers

USAToday Books - Sat, 04/25/2015 - 05:00

Spend your weekend reading the new Toni Morrison novel.

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ArtsBeat: Alabama Town Loses Rights to Produce Play of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’

New York Times Book Reviews - Fri, 04/24/2015 - 14:42
The Monroeville, Ala. museum that produces the theater adaptation of Harper Lee’s novel announced that it has lost licensing rights.

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Inside the List

New York Times Book Reviews - Fri, 04/24/2015 - 09:30
Cokie Roberts’s “Capital Dames,” No. 10 on the hardcover nonfiction list, is about powerful women in Washington during the Civil War era.
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Paperback Row

New York Times Book Reviews - Fri, 04/24/2015 - 09:00
Paperback books of particular interest.
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